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Good health is the primary goal of every individual, society or the nation as a whole.

AVISACTA HealthCare is being established in 2012 with a strong commitment to the society to deliver high quality health care solutions. AVISACTA HealthCare is a group of professionals having their impressive standing in the Pharma Industry, collectively for the last 50 years. AVISACTA HealthCare is an Ethical, Transparent, Spirited, and Vibrant organization with progressive outlook. AVISACTA HealthCare will serve through a dedicated team of professionals, who are well trained in every aspect of marketing, sales and customer satisfaction.

The dedicated approach of AVISACTA HealthCare is making available a range of innovative, value added, evidence based products for the ailing patients. This makes us believe that AVISACTA HealthCare products will find immediate acceptance by the medical community in Pakistan. We feel sure that this acceptance will make AVISACTA HealthCare one of the fastest growing companies in Pakistan.


To create a substantial eminence in the lives of people across the country by providing advanced health care products.


To market high quality products at an affordable price for its customers.

In addition, we have a strong commitment to the community, with responsibilities not only to our employees but also to millions of people around the country who will use our products.


Khalid Bin Jalil


AVISACTA Health Care

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:: Welcome to AVISACTA Health Care ::