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Occasionally I have difficulty finding the words to describe the intangible drive that sets Avisacta apart from the rest. If I put it mildly, it is the power of dreams that has brought such a phenomenal success in its wake. Though our challenges are fearsome so are our strength, forces that help us defy being lulled into complacency. Avisacta genetic blue print carries these four Cs as its basic constituents:

  • Competence
  • Commitment
  • Consistence
  • Compassion

Along with an indomitable passion to out-perform our competitors helped us forged Avisacta into a soul now viewed as a yard stick against which ethical practices are measured.

We feel proud to serve as a catalyst for integrating the well being of body, mind and spirit as every passing day keeps strengthening our conviction to stand firmly behind our vision; our dream, a healthier society.


Khalid Bin Jalil

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:: Welcome to AVISACTA Health Care ::